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His writing has placed in numerous contests and festivals including Praxis Fellowship, Scriptoid Television Screenwriting contest, Creative Screenwriting CS Open, Story Pros screenwriting contest, 13 Horror screenwriting contest, Vancouver Web Fest, the Leo Awards, among others.




Genre: Crime drama

Logline: In order to save his brother's life from a violent loan shark, Joe enlists the help of a hot-headed ex-con to rob a bank to pay off the debt.

* Praxis Fellowship Winner

* 2017 Story Pros finalist



Genre: Horror

Logline: : Michelle and her estranged teenage daughter move into a remote, upscale development only to be trapped and hunted by a viscous creature.

* 2017 13 Horror finalist  (link to published screenplay)


The White Ones

Genre: Horror

Logline: An environmental documentary film crew head into the Canadian wilderness on the hunt for a story, but soon discover they are the ones being hunted.




The Zombie Inconvenience, (in development with Anaid Productions)

Genre: horror comedy

Logline: When Vancouver is quarantined due to a mild case of people turning into zombies, Jakob, Gary, and Ellen struggle to transition into adulthood and carry on their day to day lives in a zombie ravaged economy. 



Genre: comedy

Logline: A maverick agent starts a reality series to save his lackluster talent agency with incompetent help, a roster of has-beens, and little to no real talent. 

*  Scriptoid TV screenwriting Top 3 finalist

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